The Growing Use Of Organic Cotton For Baby Clothes

The Growing Use Of Organic Cotton For Baby Clothes

Over the years clothing made from organic cotton have gotten quite a recognition for being clean, durable and most importantly comfortable. Due to the delicate nature of babies, a lot of importance has to be paid to the selection of their things, particularly on their clothes. Babies need to be comfortable, aerated and neat at all times. When you put all these into consideration, organic cotton just happens to be the perfect fit. In essence, if you want only the gentlest, safest, hypoallergenic and most comfortable materials rubbing against your baby's delicate skin, organic cotton clothing is your best option.

Fortunately, a lot of parents have begun to realize this and are already taking advantage of it. Over the past few years, organic baby clothes have slowly gained recognition in the baby clothing industry as the ideal alternative to other commonly used baby apparels.

What is organic cotton?

A recent report on the cultivation of cotton in the United States, one of the largest cotton producers in the world, revealed that conventional cotton farming practices using pesticides and other chemicals not only harm the water, air, and soil but also the farmers growing it may be at risk of getting overexposed to these cancer-causing chemicals. In addition, traces of such chemicals may not be completely eliminated post-harvest. Raising some serious questions about the image of cotton as a pure and natural fiber.  

Unlike chemical-grown cotton, certified organic cotton is produced within the most stringent third-party certified standards of growing cotton. This is in line with the move to minimize the negative impact of conventional cotton farming on the environment. Grown using sustainable methods such as mechanical weeding and the use of natural predators (usually containing a mixture of chili, garlic, and soap) for pest control, organic cotton not only produces chemical-free fabric and clothing but also helps conserve and preserve the environment.

Dangers of Inorganic cotton or fabrics

Surprisingly, a lot of people are largely unaware or unconcerned about the risks involved in exposing babies to toxic cotton. Medical tests have shown that babies are prone to a wide spectrum of allergies, as their immune systems are still in the developing stage and can’t fight off as many toxins like the immune systems of adults do. Thus, their sensitivity increases and one of the most common reactions which emerges each time babies are excessively exposed to a dosage of chemical above the upper limit is rashes which are usually highly uncomfortable.

Why Organic cotton?

Recently, a variety of baby clothes have featured certified organic cotton. When you buy organic cotton baby clothes you have a sense of satisfaction that the fabric which is in contact with your baby’s delicate skin is pure, natural and free from harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is really soft and comfortable on the skin, and this is due to the fact that the fibers have not been damaged by harmful chemicals used normally in the farming and processing of conventional cotton. Being free from harmful chemicals also makes organic cotton less likely to trigger allergies.

So, when you choose to buy clothes made from organic cotton, you are not only helping the environment and saving lives, you are equally providing your baby with the safest, healthiest and softest clothing available.

Although the color and style choices are limited and prices are slightly higher with certified organic cotton baby clothes, it allows parents to participate in the emerging green movement in caring for the environment while providing their babies with the best quality clothes and products. Choosing certified organic cotton products for your baby will certainly make a significant impact on your baby's health and the environment.

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