Our Brands

We're proud to be featuring such amazing local brands from around the US.  When we set out in this venture, my wife and I wanted to partner with businesses that shared our values and ideals.

    • an unadulterated love for children
    • passion in everything you do
    • ethical and moral business practices
    • use of organic materials free from harmful chemicals such as BpA, Phthalate, and PVC
    • environmentally sustainable and safe manufacturing

      These brands do just that; they exhibit these values day in and day out.  Just as important, the folks behind these brands are hard working people who are passionate about what they do and the products make. 

      If you feel your brand shares our values and are interested in potentially partnering, please contact us suppliers@browsingforbaby.com


      Vilah Bloom

      Jackie Garrett, the designer and founder, is truly a pioneer when it comes to reinventing the conventional diaper bag.  Her creativity was borne out of necessity to provide modern, on-the go-moms a chic and truly functional alternative to the diaper bag.  We love the versatility these bags offer while retaining their aesthetics.  Every detail is carefully thought out; every square inch of space maximized.  Offering the wet wipes dispenser throughout the entire line is pretty remarkable.  Jackie and her husband Travis currently reside in Northern Michigan with their two beautiful daughters Vilah and Monroe.   Let's not forget their pooch Oscar :)


      Simply Chickie

      Gwen Gardner, the founder and designer of Simply Chickie Clothing has a pretty amazing story. Over 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer.  In that same week, she broke up with her boyfriend and found out she was pregnant with her little girl, Elizabeth. As you can imagine, that period in her life was confusing but at the same time transforming.  She started focusing on the environment around her and the things she put in and on her body.  During this same period she discovered that lovely soft cotton clothing she enjoyed hid a dirty secret: the cotton crop is one of the most polluting crops grown. That's where the idea of Simply Chickie clothing was born.


      JJ Rabbit 

      JJ Rabbit was started by husband and wife team, Kai and Michael, in Brooklyn, NY, and was later relocated to Austin, TX. Kai came from the fashion world, while Michael worked in management consulting helping companies design and manufacture better products. Naturally, when Kai and Michael learned they were pregnant with their first child, their design and manufacturing experience turned towards children’s products. Out of frustrations and late-night inspirations, JJ Rabbit was born. Their design philosophy is modern, contemporary, and fun. In their view, safe, sustainable, and environmentally responsible products are a basic part of doing business. We couldn't agree more. 



      We absolutely love these bottles in every way; from design to feel they're truly perfect.  In 2008, Dr. Frank and two partners founded Mimijumi to support moms facing a common early parenting challenge: feeding. After four years of research and development, the team perfected its patented bottle design and launched the world’s first baby bottle that enables moms to breastfeed and bottle feed interchangeably. The nipple’s natural dome shape is one piece with an integrated venting system that reduces colic.  The nipple is made with medical and food grade silicone and is textured to feel like skin. The container is made from Swiss nylon chosen because it is as clear as glass and as durable as plastic while containing none of the potentially harmful estrogen activating chemicals (BPA, BPS and 562 others) found in traditional plastic baby bottles.


      Cat & Dogma

      Adrian Layne, the designer and founder, definitely practices what she preaches.  Creating a sustainable lifestyle and low impact product line with a mission to give back, is the example she lives by. She searched the globe for the best quality organic cotton at a fair price. From the planting of the seed through cultivation, ginning, spinning, weaving, and sewing, she cares for the well-being of the factory workers and the farmers who grow her organic cotton. Her entire supply chain is certified by GOTS to ensure organic cotton provides a fair livelihood for over 1000 people. Organic farming provides for the sustainability of the environment, and caring for the global community. Her products are also designed to nurture your baby. With her fabrics and playful prints, she avoids chemical bleaches, dyes and finishes. They are soft, safe… And one less thing parents have to worry about.


      Moonlight Slumber

      Moonlight Slumber has been home to premium sleep products since 2002. The crib mattresses, twin and full mattresses, and full line of nursery accessories are made to exacting standards for all little dreamers. Coming from a medical mattress background, the Illinois based owner decided to create a crib mattress with the same level of expertise that they produced for the medical and hospitals they had been supplying.  At Moonlight Slumber, child safety is a major priority as well as a clean safe sleep environment.  To achieve these goals, Moonlight developed a dual sided mattress, insuring all infants would sleep on a high density extra firm foam, while creating a dropped side seam to avoid any type of liquid or germ infestation on the sleep surface.